Barber Connect Russia

The best masters from around the world will gather in a large and bright Pavilion of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre to share their experience and success secrets, to present their works and make cool tattoos in a peculiar atmosphere, as well as to talk about personal motivation, business management and social media promotion.

If you want to get a tattoo from one of the masters, please contact the organizers.

Sergio Sabio @sergiosabiotattoos

Спасибо вам большое! Было очень здорово. Ну а автопати зашкалило, я никогда не участвовал в таком. Все было здорово!

Gakkin @gakkinx

It was very amazing weekend!! thank you for being great hosts. We enjoyed so much!!! I'm so appreciated.

Nissaco @nissaco

It was my honor to be part of RUSSIAN TATTOO EXPO. I liked the production and composition the show. I enjoyed the vibes in the convention through meeting other artists and some shows. Also, it is always my good experience to be part of it. Thank you so much for inviting me and big supports from me!

Sam Taylor @samtaylortattoos

Thank you for everything!! I had a great time! X

Sorin Casio @lartclinic

We would like to say thank you for everything. We feel so overwhelmed for all the experience that we have had in Moscow. You managed to bring in our hearts the Best of Show prize by only showing your appreciation towards us. You are part of our hearts and forever have our respect and friendship. As well we are so grateful to Miki, that made all this possible by inviting to be part of it. Hopefully time will give us the chance to show that what we are saying it has a truly meaning in our souls. Florentina & Sorin.



For whom

RUSSIAN TATTOO EXPO is a show and a party with the best tattoo masters from Russia and all over the world. The festival presents professional contests, workshops and the performances for two days. It unites the party-goers, tattooed people and all who are close to the spirit of tattoo culture.


For those who just get familiar with the culture


For those who have already mastered the basics and would like to develop skills


For salons and companies who are looking for partners

How it
was in 2019

It all started with the Barber Connect Russia festival which was first held back in 2017. The festival quickly established itself as the most significant subcultural event of the Barber Culture in Russia — it was tightly packed with the world stars, contests, tutorials, an exhibition and lots of fun and entertainment.

Since 2018 the festival has reached a new level: the organizers decided to unite barbers and tattoo artists in one place. They offered festival visitors two parallel program — Barber Connect Russia and Russian Tattoo Expo. The participants from Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Puerto Rico, Greece, Italy and Japan took part in the event, demonstrating their skills in the expo area and holding educational sessions for visitors.

What Happened at of
of Russian Tattoo Expo 2019
  • Workshops and tutorials from the best of the best
  • Professional contests
  • Special guest performances
  • Show program
The line-up

The best masters from around the world gathered in a large and bright Pavilion of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre to share their experience and success secrets, to present their works and make cool tattoos in a peculiar atmosphere, as well as to talk about personal motivation, business management and social media promotion.

By appointment, the opportunity was given to make a tattoo with famous tattoo stars.

Nissaco @nissaco

An artist from Osaka, the winner of Best ornamental contest of London tattoo convention

Gakkin @gakkinx

Freehand Master from Japan with 20 years of experience

Mikhail Kolesnikov @mikeamanita

At the lecture, the main problems: what kind of tattoo to do and most importantly to whom? why do clients go to someone, but not others? What exactly is the “uniqueness” of tattooists and the “sameness” of clients?

Salome Abalyan @lartclinic

The founder of the clinic and school for the professional removal of all types of pigmentation PureSkin. Head Physician at the L'Art Clinic. Creator of the first highly specialized congress on hardware cosmetology "STEM" in Russia.


An artist from Livorno (Italy), two times le Mondial du Tatuage prize winner.

Cristian Casas @kasasink

Neo-realism master, who combines the esthetics of traditional and neotraditional tattoos



The entertaining show
The suspension show
The knife thrower
The Illusionist
Сircus show
Jeans N' Roses
Tattoo contest

The battle for the title of the best in the biz.

In all nominations the following criteria were taken into account: technology, cleanliness, details, special effects.

3 000 rub.

The cost of participation in one contest (per 1 nomination).


Tattoo contest Best backpiece


Tattoo contest Best colors


Tattoo contest Best of Day 1


Winners award on the main stage


Tattoo contest
Black and Grey


Tattoo contest


Tattoo contest
Best of Day 2


Winners award on the main stage

Festival opening, The Suspension show, the launch of the Expo area

The performances of world-famous guest stars on the main stage regarding the haircut techniques, beard design, the secrets of the social media promotion in barbering; dance, music and acrobatic shows.


Mikhail Kolesnikov,
Amanita Tattoo


Entertaining show The knife thrower


by Vlad Blad


show Burlesque


Lecture by Antonio Todisco


show The Illusionist


Tattoo contest Best baсkpiece


Tattoo contest Best colors


Tattoo contest BEST OF DAY 1

Award ceremony

Awards in the best back-piece, best colors, BEST OF DAY 1 nominations from sponsors and world tattoo stars on the main stage.


The closing of the first day of the festival

Festival opening, the launch of
the Expo area

The performances of world-famous guest stars on the main stage regarding the haircut techniques, beard design, the secrets of the social media promotion in barbering; dance, music and acrobatic shows.


Lecture Cristian Casas


Lecture Salome Abalyan, L'Art


Lecture by Miki Vialetto


Tattoo contest Black and Grey


Tattoo contest Ornamental


Tattoo contest BEST OF DAY 2


Special musical guest Jeans N' Roses

Award ceremony

Awards in the black and grey, ornamental, BEST OF DAY 2, BEST OF SHOW nominations from sponsors and world tattoo stars on the main stage.

Gunnar V

We are excited to announce that Gunnar the fifth will be playing at our convention on Sunday the 1st of September. Gunnar V is better known for being a renowned tattoo artist but he will be playing for us on Sunday at the festival. Gunnar V has been tattooing for 10 years but been making music even longer. He started out as his solo project but evolved into a band.


The closing of the second day of the festival

How to get
to the festival
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